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Zucchetti Bathroom Faucets, Showers, Kitchen Faucets

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The basic values of Zucchetti have always been innovation, design, and quality: the essential cornerstones that have guided the firm throughout its history.

The combination with the KOS brand and products leads the Zucchetti. KOS  Group to be undisputed leader in bathroom design international scene. The only company able to offer a new complete bathroom world, always innovative and constantly renewed, thanks to a strategic project guided by three key words: WATER WELLNESS WORLD.

Zucchetti Waterworks Collection includes:

  • Faraway: Modern round shower column, Contemporary freestanding bathtub single lever mixer, Designer bath tub filler, Luxury showerhead
  • Wosh: Contemporary tub fillers designed by William Sawaya
  • Soft: Designer shower heads, Modern bath and kitchen faucets, Contemporary floor mounted tub fillers, Luxury deckmounted tub fillers
  • Bellagio Spin: Contemporary bath faucets, Modern wall mounted tub fillers, Designer deckmounted tub fillers
  • Zucchetti Isy: Luxury shower heads, Contemporary bath and kitchen faucets, Modern floor mounted tub fillers, Designer deckmounted tub fillers and more.
Zucchetti Pan Collection: The Pan built-in solution features a geometric, rectangular plate. It is this very austerity that makes for the creation of a variety of compositions. The Zucchetti Pan sink mixer tap plate can be used to connect one or more mirrors. Offering the chance of creating a bathroom environment in complete freedom is very important to Zucchetti. PAN+ is a plausible link, a desirable future for the study of harmony between technological constraint and freedom of use.

The Zucchetti Pan collection is an interpretation of the spare, cylindrical type of single lever mixer, which uses classical archetypes to develop aesthetics and new, completely original styles. Zucchetti focused on connecting the vertical and horizontal elements. As in nature there are no cuts and welds, so the body of the faucet, designed like the trunk of a tree, creates the spout and the handle, using a gentle connection that is designed with exactly the same delicacy one would use in grafting a branch to a tree trunk.