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ACO Shower Drains Point 9

Quadrato Shower Drain
The root regular hole pattern of any Quartz drains by ACO shower channel grates. Each hole is 0.20 inches square and positioned to give a regimented geometric hole pattern.

Water Activated LED for Point Drains
If your QuARTz by ACO linear drain isn't unique and eye-catching enough on its own then a conversation-starting option are distinctive, water-activated LED lights. This feature automatically turns on in the presence of water and shuts off within seconds of when the water stops flowing through the drain. The lights create glowing color from beneath the grate and out through the slots; an elegant aesthetic addition exclusive to QuARTz shower drains. Water activated LED light drains; sits below the grate and illuminates whenever the water is running. Shower drains available in red, green, blue or white.

Quartz drains by ACO ShowerPoint creates a unique look in any shower, the variety of design options now allows for the drain to be a key part of the floor design. The 6” square shape is an ideal fit with most tiles enabling a clean installation. Being a universal connection with many installation options, it is an ideal solution for both new construction and remodel.

Code: ShowerDrain-ACO9

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