twinline shower door

Acryline Shower Door TWINLINE Alcove

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  • Premier 2-1 bathtub and showering unit
  • Walk-in shower shield
  • Sophisticated mechanical door lock
  • Tub includes a widened portion for comfort while showering
  • Deep basin for comfortable, soothing baths
  • Integrated tub filler
  • Easy-to-clean high-flow drain from Geberit
  • Door opens inwards to help save space
  • Available both in Alcove and Corner configuration
  • Three colours available: Jet Black Glass, Arctic White Glass, Ready to tile
  • Tub Colour: White
  • Wall Jamb: Silver
  • Hardware: Chrome

DIMENSION: 60" x 29 1/2" x 24"


STYLE: Twinline Shower Door

Code: Showerdoor-Acryline3

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