Alcove Bathtub Cosmos Freestanding

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The Alcove Cosmos modern freestanding bathtub is available in both 5' and 5.5'. To Infuse your bathroom with color harmony, possibility of adding a second color; Black, Red, Green and Mauve.

Dimensions for 5': 59 1/2” x 29 3/4” x 21 1/2”

Dimensions for 5.5': 66 1/8” x 31 1/4” x 21 1/2”

Alcove have long understood that everyone has a different definition of wellbeing. That is why they offer you a wide selection of bathtubs to choose from for your perfect moments
of relaxation. Whether it is freestanding tub, alcove tub, podium tub or a corner tub, whether you opt for a massage system or any other accessory, your Alcove bathtubs will have everything you want and will reflect your personal style.
Alcove values certain moments in life more than others, like the time we take to relax, recharge, or simply to spoil ourselves. A time when all the stresses of the day melt away. With a pure design for Alcove tubs focused on your total comfort, and a variety of versatile and aesthetic styles, Alcove podium tubs are specifically designed to fulfill all your needs for those special moments. So when you’re ready to take some time for yourself, your space will embrace you.

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