Axor Hansgrohe Bathtub Bouroullec Drop-In

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Axor Bouroullec

Feel Free to Compose

Axor Hansgrohe Bouroullec gives full scope to your personal design requirements. The motto is “Feel Free to Compose”. The collection is not based on a rigid scheme. In fact, you can use numerous bathroom products to put together a solution that is ideal for you. The mixer elements can be arranged at many different locations on, above or around the wash basin. You can enjoy this flexibility from Axor Bouroullec when it comes to the bath tub too. Have fun discovering the many different options offered by the collection and plan your own personal wash basin and bath tub using the Axor Bouroullec Composer.

Another special feature of the collection is the versatile shelving. Axor Hansgrohe Bouroullec lets you choose how you use this: as a space-saving accessory, as a basin element or as a shelf that even doubles up as a mixer. The organic, elegant design concept of French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec remains in the background at all times.


Product features
  • built-in bath tub
  • filling level: approx. 380 mm
  • filling capacity: approx. 192 l (1 person 70 kg)
  • maximum distance from wall: 10cm
  • acrylic
  • CE
  • TÜV certified


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