Decotec Bathroom Sink Ylang Wall Mount/Pedestal

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Pedestal washbasin unit with slender, plant-inspired lines. Its “stem” base and “petal” washbasin exude a floral delicacy. The foot is available in Polar White Solid Surface that makes it a unique piece of art.

Main Features:

  • Ylang basin available in translucent resin with or without a pedestal
  • Polished stainless steel towel bar is available as an option
  • Ylang features a waste and integral overflow made from chrome-plated brass

Decotec Paris Inc., the Canadian branch of Decotec Paris SAS, was established in Canada in 2006 and it is from here that the company distributes its bathroom vanity collections imported directly from its factory in France. Decotec offers over 40 years of experience based on boldness, elegance, quality and humanity. Thanks to their vanities, mirrors and cabinets, your bathroom will be both practical and aesthetic as well as an oasis of pleasure and sensuality. They offer innovative and rare products of high quality including custom-made bathroom vanities.

Code: BathSink-Decotec13

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