FAP Porcelain Floor Tile Terra Cotto
porcelain tile sale 3
FAP Porcelain Floor Tile Terra Cotto
FAP Porcelain Floor Tile Terra Cotto
porcelain tile sale 3
FAP Porcelain Floor Tile Terra Cotto

FAP Porcelain Floor Tile Terra Cotto


Available Sizes: 12"x23", 23"x23"
Tile Thickness: 2/5"
Features: Matte

TERRA porcelain stoneware floor tiles with the look of terracotta cement Floor tiles with a soft, aged surface featuring beautiful shading. The warm colours are ideal for creating a comforting and sophisticated mood; the cold tones are perfect for rooms with a modern look. A unique decoration, a mix of patterns inspired by traditional cement tiles, in two versions that go with all the colours in the collection. The wood effect diamond shapes create floorings with a distinctly vintage spirit.

The use of ceramic/ porcelain tiles is the most intelligent choice for bathroom walls. Differently from all other materials, it is the only product that does not stain or scratch, it is not damaged by acids and corrosive products or moisture, its appearance does not change over time, and most of all, it is easy to clean.

A correct site installation will guarantee a perfect final result if just a few simple rules are followed:
1) check that the wall/floor is flat;
2) install the product by mixing material from more than one box;
3) handle the product with care before and during installation.
FAP rectified wall/floor tiles have been designed and manufactured to allow edge-to-edge tiling (closed joint). this allows the best results to be achieved in terms of aesthetics (closed joint installations) and functionality (no joints to trap dirt).

Ceramic & Porcelain tiles blend colors and decorations, beauty and functionality, and design and practicality in a single outstanding material.

All FAP ceramiche porcelain and ceramic tiles meet Ecolabel qualifications. Ecolabel is the European mark of environmental quality only awarded to products and services with the best environmental performance.

All of our ceramic and porcelain tiles are exclusively produced in Italy. FAP ceramiche buyers have the security of knowing that these products are manufactured with technology that respects the environment, and use outstanding and safe raw materials, guaranteeing the best possible working conditions.

Code: Tile-FAP5

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