Hansa Bath Faucet HANSALOFT O

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Cylindrical, slender, vertical: the elegant HANSALOFT with central control. obviously related to the side-controlled version through its geometry and material properties, the gentle rounded shapes give this version the appearance of lightness and reserved elegance. the opposed alignment of the spout and lever axis provides a modern, highly individual interpretation of the classic control concept. Full of character and multi-layered. What is striking is the “duality” within the series: HANSALOFT, which is controlled from the side, is cubic and clear, while HANSALOFT with the control lever in the middle is harmonious and round.

HANSALOFT with side control. High-gloss surfaces, precise angles and perfect edges give the HANSALOFT with side control an exceptional presence that is further reinforced by the dynamic tilt of the body to the front.

Harmonious/round and elegant: HANSALOFT with central control. The control concept – which is actually classic – on the centrally controlled HANSALOFT is reinterpreted in the opposing alignment of the axes of spout and lever.

Both of these basic faucet types have an exceptional effect at the basin – veritable gems for trendy bathrooms.

Code: BathFaucet-Hansa8

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