Hansgrohe Rainhead Shower Raindance Rainfall 150 1-Jet
Hansgrohe Rainhead Shower Raindance Rainfall 150 1-Jet

Hansgrohe Rainhead Shower Raindance Rainfall 150 1-Jet


Your own personal feel-good product for the home
Hansgrohe overhead showers are an incomparable source of refreshment and relaxation. They gently douse you in water, envelop the body in dream-like shower rain, vigorously massage, and thoroughly rinse out shampoo. They come in different shapes and sizes and feature different jet types, turning any shower into customised water indulgence. They offer XXL Performance and are real eye-catchers – many of them creating architectural highlights in your bathroom.

In round or square design, 1-jet, 2-jet or 3-jet: Hansgrohe overhead showers provide wonderful shower indulgence. You can also see PuraVida overhead showers, water-saving models such as Croma and Crometta or the angle-adjustable overhead shower Raindance Rainfall Stream.


Product features
  • shower head size: 150 mm
  • spray type: wide flood jet
  • flow rate flood spray (at 0.3 MPa): 18 l/min
  • installation type: wall


                          The essential elements of Hansgrohe overhead showers:

                          • The Raindance Rainmaker, installed flush with the ceiling, offers you the ultimate in rain shower indulgence. Its voluminous shower rain envelops the whole body. Enjoy switching between three jet types, and decide whether you would like your shower area to be bathed in pleasant light.
                          • With up to three jet types, the Raindance Rainfall, which is installed flush with the wall, offers a refreshing experience and makes your shower, in stylish chrome or elegant white and chrome, gleam. Its horizontal rain panel pampers you with plenty of freedom of movement. Experience a gush spray, which feels just like a tropical waterfall. Also available with lighting.
                          • Raindance Select overhead showers allow you to Select your Shower Pleasure. The ingeniously simple “Select” button function is located in the centre of the spray disc – just choose intuitively which jet type you want.
                          • Hansgrohe overhead showers are impressive thanks to innovative features such as AirPower, EcoSmart and QuickClean.

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