Linkasink Vessel Sink Unlacquered Brass

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Linkasink Unlacquered Brass Round Vessel Sink

Installation: Drop In, Undermount
Finish: Satin Unlacquered Brass , Polished Unlacquered Brass 
Dimensions: Width 13.5" x Height 6" 


Unlacquered Brass sinks have a “living finish” that will continue to age and change with time. The metal is left unsealed without a clear top coat to prevent corrosion. Without a clear topcoat, these sinks will continue to age and their colors will continue to evolve as the base metal reacts with the environment. No two sinks will age at the same rate or go through the same color phases. Their continued evolution is completely dependent on the environment in which they are placed.

 Code: BathSink-Linkasink4

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