Maax Shower Enclosure Imagine 2

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  • Ergonomic inspired design creates a shower so intuitive that it becomes one with your needs
  • Rediscover peace of mind with features that offer a safe and relaxing environment
  • The shower's optional features leave you in a feeling of rejuvenation that invigorates your morning and energizes your entire day
  • Unique feature: 2-way shower door
  • Ergonomically inspired features
  • 3 shelves with guardrails
  • Seat height 19 1/4"
  • Cedar dry platform optional for stylish replacement of traditional bath mat
  • Guardrails are color coordinated with the shower door aluminum color
  • 23 1/2-in. cushioned support bar
  • Please specify shower door finishes (choice of Clear tempered or Frosted glass and Chrome or Brushed Nickel aluminum)
  • IMAGINE 3-PIECE INCLUDING ROOF CAP. Dimensions: 60 " x 29-36 " x 90 "
  • IMAGINE 2-PIECE WITHOUT ROOF CAP. Dimensions: 60 " x 29-36 " x 77 "

Maax Collection

Enlighten your senses with every experience within your most intimate of spaces with the MAAX Collection, the perfect blend of eye-catching design and soul-soothing luxury. Maax wide range of luxurious bath products has been expertly crafted with meticulous attention to every detail for aesthetic elegance and functional comfort that promote peace of mind and wellness of body. Choose from among the many innovative features, unique relaxation systems and helpful accessories to begin your experience.

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