Mr. Steam iSteam Touch Screen Control

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MrSteam’s complete control packages simplify your choices and save you money! You can select a steam control and options à la carte, but our Control Packages make it so simple.
Award-winning intuitive touch screen control
  • Controls temperature, time, AromaSteam, ChromaSteam3 and AudioSteam3.
  • User interface available in six different languages
  • Choice of screen modes - black or white.
  • Autostart programming, gets your steam shower ready for each day of the week
  • Real time clock, ambient temperature, passcode protection
  • Program custom settings for up to eight users
  • Standard with AromaSteam SteamHead
  • Works with SteamLinx Module and Mobile App
  • Available in Black or White

  • Package includes:

    • iSteam Touch Screen Control
    • iSteam Steam Head

      Code: ShowerColumn-MrSteam1

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