tub faucet, hand shower

Newform Tub Faucet Park with Handshower

Newform Exposed bath faucet with 1/2" ceramic valve, automatic diverter, hand shower and 150-cm flexible.

Bath Faucet Designer - Riccardo Bertotti

Designer and Manager of the Style Office at Newform, created two collections : Fluida and Park. The first is a ceramic collection with minimal forms for the bathroom, while his latest creation, Park, is the interpretation of a sophisticated design which makes contemporary one of the classic geometric shapes, the pentagon. The style of Bertotti combines the conceptual freshness with an accurate research for symmetries that amplifies the love for a refined play of style, the essential edging to experience design to the utmost degree.

Newform Bath Products

An Italian family owned company, founded in 1981, Newform has a quarter million square foot facility and nearly 250 employees. Their aim has always been to produce top quality faucets with an exclusive design. Their very wide variety of modern design, complete bath suites, has assured their position as an industry leading brand.

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