SICIS Mosaic Tile Mosaico Marmo Collection

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From the exterior cladding of luxury buildings, to the landscaping every Sicis mosaic tile collection is born from the brand unique creativity. Sicis is a company that has accumulated through the years and constant research an enormous know how that allows for an amalgamation of style, technology and materials aimed to realize avante garde products. It is well known in the market for reinventing the art of marble and stone mosaics in an industrial production, influencing and leading the realization of artistic mosaic, with the strength to make every product 100% Made in Italy.

Marble has been the very first material used by Sicis. The marble collection goes from the classic and traditional decorations to more modern patterns thanks to the new cutting edge technique developed by the company. The possibilities are infinite, and allow to personalize every realization considering the taste and budget of the client.

Mosaico Marmo is one of the first collection of mosaic tiles, entirely made out of marble. It has been enriched with new colours, sizes and collections.

Code: Tile-SICIS3

The Italian manufacturer SICIS revolutionized mosaic tile production by significantly simplifying the steps it takes to create a unique surface. With its expansion into the furniture and interior sector, this tile manufacturer brand offers its customers a truly holistic living experience.

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