Wetstyle Bathtub Tulip
Wetstyle Bathtub Tulip
Wetstyle Bathtub Tulip

Wetstyle Bathtub Tulip


Dimension: 64.81" X 34" X 25" (L x W x H)

  • Handcrafted in Montreal, Canada
  • Integrated overflow
  • Soft toe touch drain
  • Plug & Bathe drain connection for quick install
Warmth overcomes you, as you recline into the BTP 01, part of WETSTYLE’s Tulip collection. Drawing inspiration from the flower that gives this standard sized tub its name, this bathtub features a design as delicate as a flower. Subtly curved edges flow seamlessly together, creating a unique shape that that emphasizes comfort and ergonomics while combining the aesthetic longevity of vintage bathtub design with contemporary trends.
Made from ecologically friendly WETMAR BiO material, this tub is designed with both comfort and ergonomics in mind with one end built with a reclined edge, with the other highlighting a straight back should you prefer to sit upright while bathing. This tub is available in both True High Gloss and Matte white finishes as well as a Dual finish that combines the two.
Remember the importance of taking a break, stopping, and smelling the flowers – dip into a Tulip today.

Code: Bathtub-Wetstyle5

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