Wetstyle Bathtub CUBE Freestanding

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Its essence: versatility. The Wetstyle Cube bathtubs come in models that are either perfectly rectangular or slightly tapered, and are either freestanding, mounted on a base or on legs. They can be adapted to any bathroom configuration, with installation in the centre of the room, against a wall, in a corner, recessed against 3 walls, or in a sunken design. The sleek design represents a modern version of the stone washbasins still used in the French countryside.

WETSTYLE is a Canadian manufacturer of premium-quality bathroom products such as single sink vanities, double sink vanities, wall hung vanities, freestanding vanities, freestanding tubs, mirror medicine cabinets and linen towers.
Beyond WETSTYLE’s bold and original designs, every tub is handcrafted from start to finish and custom-made to order in Canada.

WETSTYLE’s bathtubs and lavs are made exclusively from WETMAR BiO, the brand’s own eco-friendly natural stone composite material, while its furniture is crafted from hand-selected, sustainable hardwoods.

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