Vanico-Maronyx Bathroom Vanities

Modularity is key to optimize your living area.

The bathroom is a room that is often overlooked.  It needs to reflect on yourself and your everyday use of it. The space as to be planned well and the choice of cabinetry is primordial.

With over 40 years of experience specializing in bathroom cabinetry, Vanico Maronyx has designed many cabinetry collections. They are offered in a wide array of style to match your personality and house decor.

Each collection includes a complete line of products. Each one of these products is personalizable in configuration finish and style.

  1. Products and installation type:
    1. Vanities; wall-mount, floor-mount or console.
    2. Medicine cabinets; standalone, with niches, without niche, 1 to 5 doors.
    3. Mirrors; for single or double sinks.
    4. Linen cabinets; wall-mount, floor-mount, single or double.
    5. Even wall-mounted makeup cabinets!

FURNITURE: Natural Ash Wood.
VANITY TOP: Obe in Unimar 3.0. 

COLLECTION: Neolito contemporary
FURNITURE: wood Oiled Walnut and thermo Satin White COUNTERTOP: unimar 3.0 White SHOWER: PLANIX

COLLECTION: Console Tuxedo FURNITURE: satin lacquer - custom color, straight facade. COUNTERTOP: Vermont quartz. VESSEL: MOMENTO
Available cabinetry configuration:
    1. Single sink; centred or off-centred.
    2. Double sink.
    3. Attached vanity and linen cabinet.
    4. Detached vanity and linen cabinet.
    5. Countertop with or without backsplash.

COLLECTION: Neolito transitionnal
FURNITURE: wood suro birch
COUNTERTOP: quartz victoria

COLLECTION: Neolito contemporary
FURNITURE: melamine Midnight
COUNTERTOP: unimar 3.0 White

COLLECTION: Mini studio
FURNITURE: 12" deep sink base in Urban Gray melamine.
SINK-COUNTERTOP: Only 12" deep, in Unimar 3.0 White.

FUZION, Metal version, wallmounted with niches.
FURNITURE: Oiled Hickory wood.
VANITY TOP: Momento in Unimar 3.0.

Come visit Canaroma to learn more about the possibilities of Vanico Maronyx collections.

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