Decorative wall tiles

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Wall Tiles: Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Decorative wall tiles can create a powerful and lasting impression. Using luxury wall tiles always adds personality and character and if you use decorative wall tiles, it will make an even bigger impression. They are an excellent choice to change the look of any room and also for their easy installation. Whether it's a using few decorative wall tiles on a backsplash or covering a whole wall in a room, decorative wall tiles make your room uniquely beautiful.

Decorative wall tiles are easy for anyone to install and they are easy to maintain. Their surfaces are impervious to stains and scratches. The durability of decorative wall tiles depends on the ceramic tiles, but you can keep this rule in your mind that ceramic and porcelain wall tiles are more durable than most other alternative wall covering.

The best place you can start to install decorative wall tiles is in a backsplash. Fancy decorative wall tiles can create a great eye-catching focal point to your backsplash. Adding decorative wall tiles in the small area quickly spices up your space.

There are many possibilities with decorative wall tiles. If you want to add unique personality using your creativity, you can paint your decorative wall tiles, or you can have one of our Canaroma Bath & Tile experts to help.
Porcelain wall tiles

Horus Art Porcelain Wall Tiles

  • Millerighe wall tiles: vertical textured porcelain wall tiles
  • Optical wall tiles: metallic hi-tech graphic pattern on porcelain wall tiles
  • Wallpaper wall tiles: Damask pattern on porcelain wall tiles, vertical textured porcelain wall tiles
  • Damasco wall tiles: patterned porcelain wall tiles
  • Glamour wall tiles: Gold leaf floral or paisley pattern on porcelain wall tiles, tone on tone porcelain wall tiles
  • Jacquard wall tiles: Jacquard fabric look on porcelain wall tiles
  • Zoo Design wall tiles: Leopard, Zebra, Tiger, Giraffe
  • Venezia wall tiles: Gold leaf floral design on porcelain wall tiles
  • Pearl wall tiles: Raised embossed pattern, textured porcelain wall tiles
  • Yemen wall tiles: Raised embossed pattern, textured porcelain wall tiles, borders
  • Trame wall tiles: Gold leaf pattern on porcelain wall tiles
  • Oriented wall tiles: Bold pattern design in tone on tone porcelain wall tiles
  • Fusion wall tiles: metallic geometric graphic pattern on porcelain wall tiles, faux stone look porcelain wall tiles
  • Royal wall tiles: Organic leaf pattern divided into quarters with matching plainer tile to compliment

Glass mosaic tiles

Mosaic Wall Tiles

  • Aureo glass mosaic wall tiles: Handcrafted in the centuries-old artisanal process. Available in 5/8", 3/4" and 3/8" tile formats, the mosaic wall tiles are made using the "glass sandwich" technique, with a leaf of precious 24 carat gold floating between a supportive layer and a protective layer of blown glass.
    Trend tiles make Aureo in both yellow and white gold to complement any tile mosaic mix, as well as in configurations suited to either wall or floor projects.
  • Shining glass mosaic wall tiles: Shining brings the shimmer of iridescence to the 3/4" collection of mosaic wall tiles, adding another level of creative mixes in this size. These are semi-transparent wall tiles in colors that correspond to the colors of Vireo and Brillante, with a dazzling iridescent effect that captures the play of light or highlights.
    This iridescence is not the surface application that rubs off on your fingers or feet and disappears over time. Mosaic tiles developed the technology to adhere the iridescence while the glass is still molten so that it becomes a permanent part of the surface.
  • Glass mosaic wall tiles: is 3/4" colored glass mosaic, using the superior "fused glass" process so that each wall tile is colored evenly throughout; the color is not simply applied to the surface of transparent glass, and even with significant wear will show no color irregularities.
    Mosaic tiles from the family of Vitreo, Brillante and Shining can be mixed together in any combination. You can even choose between staggered and aligned joints, shipped ready to install.

Decorative Tile Collection:

  • Decorative Tiles : Decorative tiles are a great way to give a distinguishing look to your home and commercial spaces.
  • Decorative 3D Tiles: Decorative 3D wall tiles have textures and effects of light and shadow, which create a modern, luxurious and dynamic decor.
  • Decorative Floor Tiles: We carry a large selection of custom decorative flooring tiles for any application.
  • Decorative Wall Tiles: Adding decorative wall tiles will make your room come to life with interest and beauty.
  • Accent Tiles: Accent tiles can be used to break up the design pattern of a tile layout.
  • Accent Glass Tiles: Installation of borders using accent glass tiles is an easy way to bring a big impact in your space.
  • Bathroom Tiles: Ceramic wall tiles, Porcelain floor tiles, Mosaic Tiles for the bathroom and shower stalls.
  • Kitchen Tiles: Ceramic wall tiles, Porcelain floor tiles, Mosaic Tiles for the kitchen and backsplash.

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